Low Testosterone In Men Study

Low Testosterone In Men

I like looking at reports done by 3rd parties on low testosterone in men.  I only post studies on low t done by respected 3rd parties.  Today we look at a low testosterone report done by Medical News Today.

 I like this low testosterone study because it talks a lot about some of the side effect men can expect with low testosterone. There are a lot of health risks involved with Low T, and we feel strongly that treating low testosterone with an all natural supplement like T Plus Rejuvenation.  Big pharmaceutical companies will have you believe that they can cure everything fast and safely, when in fact all natural alternatives are readily available.

This low testosterone study talks about the health risks involved for men:

low testosterone in men

Low Testosterone In Men

” Males with low testosterone levels are at a higher risk for heart disease, but new evidence suggests that levels could be improved by a hormone named after chocolate.

After being given a hormone known as kisspeptin, a group of scientists from the University of Edinburgh discovered that men’s testosterone levels can increase. The hormone was found in the city of Hershey, Pennsylvania, famous for chocolate, therefore, it was named after the infamous Hershey’s chocolate kiss.

The study was published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology and funded by the Medical Research Council.

Based on earlier research, this study shows a relationship between low testosterone and diabetes. This may be caused by a resistance to insulin, the hormone that influences blood sugar. One-third of men with type-2 diabetes, which is also a risk factor for heart disease, have low testosterone.

In their previous research, the University of Edinburgh established that low testosterone levels in fat tissues were directly linked to the onset of type 2 diabetes. The evidence revealed that insulin resistance happened when testosterone was not functioning correctly, regardless of body wegiht.

A study from 2010 established that obesity is associated with low testosterone levels. Men with higher BMI numbers showed lower levels of testosterone. Obesity has already previously been linked with a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes.

During the study, the investigators gave kisspeptin to men with both type-2 diabetes and low testosterone. Kisspeptin, which is made by the human body, was given over a 12-hour period using a drip.

Low testosterone is increased by using supplementary gels or injections. Sometimes, this may cause unusually steep levels of testosterone, resulting in mood changes, temporary infertility, acne and other side effects.”